About Me

Hello! I’m Peter and I’m not your typical photographer. With a camera in one hand and a script in the other, I seamlessly bridge the worlds of photography and acting. Having a career as a photographer spanning over a decade alongside my work as an actor, I understand the vulnerability and self-expression required to step in front of the camera. This unique perspective enables me to establish an instant rapport with my clients, putting you at ease in a comfortable setting and allowing your best self to shine through.
Not only do I capture headshots but my passions also lie in fashion and creative photography. You can see my other works at www.petern.ca or visit me on Instagram at @peternphoto. As an actor I work mainly in the commercial space. There’s no better feeling than booking a role and being on set, and I hope that the headshots we create together will get you on that path. Below are some fun commercials you may have seen me in recently.