Here is a compilation of resources for actors in Toronto. Often we talk about these things during our session so I thought it best to link it all here in an easy to access page. Actra Toronto (the actor’s union) has a wealth of knowledge and the go to resource for your rights and protections.

talent agencies

There are too many agents in Toronto to list and it can be difficult to know which ones are legitimate if you don’t know anyone there. These directories are a good start as the agencies have signed the EIC and TAMAC codes of conduct. But there are also great agencies that aren’t listed here. Asking your teachers or classmates for recommendations is always a good route.

Background Agencies

Being a background artist is a great way to get some set experience, make a bit of money, and meet like minded people like you. And you never know who you may share a screen with! Many people will sign up with multiple agencies. When you’re on set you can talk to others to see which agencies they’re with. 

Acting classes

There are many great (and not so great) acting studios and teachers in Toronto. For new actors I recommend these studios as they are well known and may have more weight on your resume when it comes to agents and casting directors. You can audit a class for free to see if they are the right fit for you. And I highly recommend you do in person classes rather than zoom.

Facebook Groups

These groups are great for finding acting roles from student films to independent features. Sometimes the big commercial casting agencies will post there too.